Apple Vision Pro users experiment with headset without light seal

A thread has appeared on Reddit inviting Vision Pro owners to try wearing the headset in a non-standard configuration, without a large flashlight, a print is attached.

As modeled by Ray Wong and Scott Stein in the photos above, this appears to provide a more immersive experience and a wider effective field of view since the distance between the user's eyes and the subject is shorter. Headset lenses. When worn this way, the device also carries less weight.

In case it's not obvious, Apple does not recommend using Vision Pro in this way. Of course, the purpose of light printing is to prevent light and glare from being distracted from the content displayed on screens. Light leakage is probably undesirable, especially in fully immersive environments. But in pass-through mode, using the Vision Pro so close to your face without a seal can make it feel like you're using a pair of thick-framed glasses.

The impact on eye strain, fit, and durability of the Vision Pro in this configuration is unclear. It's also unknown whether the Vision Pro stems are strong enough to handle that kind of weight for long periods of time. VisionOS may generate error messages indicating that the user's eyes are too close to the screen. Some may also find it difficult to focus on content for long periods of time.

Still, it's a fun little experiment that can give us a little insight into possible future design changes for Apple's Vision product roadmap. Some enthusiast users are also exploring alternative ways to attach the Vision Pro to their face, such as alternative headgear and straps. A less drastic step for people wanting to increase their field of view is to try using smaller filters: anything that can bring your eyes closer to the lenses will have an effect.

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