iPhone 16 Plus battery life will decrease, dubious leak claims

The battery is removed from the iPhone (Source: Apple)

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Dubious new iPhone 16 family battery life claim says iPhone 16 Plus will have a smaller battery compared to the current version.

Apple never gives exact battery figures, preferring to use more descriptive and useful phrases like “23 hours of music streaming.” However, since the release of the iPhone series, specific battery capacities have become known, and a new rumor claims that Apple is improving most of them.

This way you can find out what the battery rating of any current iPhone is, although sometimes the test results may vary slightly. Insider Majin Boo claims to have data on three of the four iPhone 16 models Apple is working on.

There is no single definitive list of iPhone battery capacity in mAh, but in general it is enough to allow comparison with the new numbers.

So, host Majin Boo is actually saying this:

  • The capacity of the iPhone 16 Pro Max increases from 4441 mAh in the iPhone 15 Pro Max to 4676 mAh
  • iPhone 16 increases from 3367 mAh in iPhone 16 to 3561 mAh.
  • iPhone 16 Plus decreases from 4407 mAh in iPhone 15 Plus to 4006 mAh

Majin Boo confirms previous claims that the iPhone 16 Pro Max will have a new battery design, meaning it will no longer have to be L-shaped to fit into the case. But there is no explanation why the iPhone 16 Plus should decline.

Separately, it was reported that the design of the iPhone 16 camera protrusion will also be changed.

Majin Boo has a mixed track record with leaks, but correct reports tend to be repeated from other sources. The source of the information was also clearly wrong, for example, when he claimed that Apple would release the iPhone 15 Ultra.

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