How to check your blood oxygen levels with Apple Watch, supported models, view results on iPhone and more

Whether you've been using this feature for a long time or have never used it, stay tuned for how to check blood oxygen with using Apple Watch. We'll also tell you which models support this feature, how reliable the measurements are, and much more.

Supported Models and Reliability

Apple Watch gained the ability to measure blood oxygen levels with Series 6 and has been included in every Apple Watch model since then. until a legal battle with Masimo forced Apple to remove the feature from the latest Apple Watch models starting January 18, 2024.

  • Apple begins selling Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 without blood oxygen. feature

Fortunately, anyone with an Apple Watch 6-9 or Ultra/2 purchased before January 18th, or more accurately, a model number without “LW/A&# 8221; will not lose the oxygen capacity of the blood in the end. Read more about this in our detailed explanation:

  • How to find out if your Apple Watch Series 9 has Blood Oxygen Monitoring

When it comes to performance, Apple Watch's Blood Oxygen feature has been found to be as reliable as ” medical level.” devices.

How to check your blood oxygen levels using Apple Watch

  1. On Apple Watch purchased before January 18, 2024, look for the spinning red and blue circle icon or ask Siri to launch the Blood Oxygen feature”
    • Note. On Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 with the feature disabled, the app will still appear, but it won't work.
  2. Make sure your watch fits snugly and is not too tight. low on your wrist.
  3. Press the Start button.
  4. Hold the watch as still as possible and face up while taking measurements.

Here's what a successful blood oxygen test looks like using Apple Watch:

Tips for successfully measuring blood oxygen levels

If you see “measurement failure”; error, Apple says:

  • “Make sure your watch doesn't sit too low on your wrist.”
  • “Your watch band should be snug but comfortable.”
  • “Keep your watch face up and try not to move.”
  • “Rest can help wrist on the table.”

Check blood oxygen data on iPhone

  • On iPhone, open the Health app
  • tap Overview in the lower right corner li>
  • Swipe down and select “Respiratory System”
  • Blood oxygen should be at the top

Thank you for reading our guide on how to check your blood oxygen levels using your Apple Watch!

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