How to Check if 5G Offline Mode is Enabled and Working on Your iPhone

iOS includes the ability for iPhone to use T-Mobile's standalone 5G coverage in the US (in addition to other carriers around the world) . The option can offer speeds such as high speeds of 3 Gbps using carrier aggregation capabilities. Here's how to make sure 5G offline mode is turned on on your iPhone and how to check your cellular connection statistics.

T-Mobile officially launched the network in November 2022 Ultra with 5G SA capacity, offering speeds up to 3 Gbps. However, at first only Samsung's flagship smartphones were able to take advantage of the latest network advancements, and T-Mobile said they would expand them in the future.

In iOS 16.4, a switch appeared in the iPhone settings that allows you to enable super-fast speeds. 5G SA should be enabled by default for T-Mobile customers in the US – Uncarrier is currently the only US provider to have 5G SA. Claro and Vivo also launched 5G SA for iPhone in Brazil. Meanwhile, this 5G option was previously available on iPhones in other countries.

As a reminder, T-Mobile says carrier aggregation's Ultra 5G SA+ capacity allows it to reach 3Gbps speeds by combining multiple mid-range 5G channels. However, it's not clear exactly which cities have 5G SA available through T-Mobile, so you'll just have to test it out to be sure.

How to make sure 5G standalone (SA) mode is enabled on iPhone

Only iPhones connected to a carrier with 5G SA will see the option available in settings

  1. Open the Settings appon your iPhone (running iOS 16.4 or later)
  2. Select Cellular
  3. Now tap Cellular Options then Voice & Data
  4. At the bottom, make sure the 5G offline switch is on

Check 5G SA connection statistics

  • After making sure 5G offline mode is enabled, you can run a speed test to see what kind of performance you get
  • You can dial 3001# 12345#and press Call to enter field test mode – this will provide details about your 5G connection and whether you are receiving standalone service or not.
  • Find SA next to connection_type
  • Keep in mind that while T-Mobile tests achieved speeds of 3.3 Gbps, actual performance may vary

Are you using 5G SA with T-Mobile on your iPhone? What speeds are you getting? Share your experience in the comments!

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