Apple has designed its new Sports app to be quick and simple.

Image credit: Tim Cook (via X)

Apple's Eddie Cue says new Sports The app is designed to provide sports fans with the information they need through a simple yet intuitive design.

Apple on Wednesday announced a free sports app for iOS that displays real-time scores and stats for MLS, NBA and other teams. The app is designed to convey information quickly and clearly, much like Apple's Stocks and Weather apps.

Eddie Cue, Apple's senior vice president of services, spoke with Fast Company about Apple's goals for the app.

“We don't want you to spend 30 minutes on the app. You can spend five seconds looking at the score, or you can spend 30 seconds, or you can spend three minutes playing. -as you play , because it's the end of the game. That's the whole point. It allows you to get into the game, give you what you need, and do it very quickly.”

In addition to the easy-to-use navigation interface, The Sports app also supports live activities. These notifications are designed to display updated information in a pop-up window or on the lock screen that remains visible until closed.

Tim Cook also praised the simplicity of the Apple Sports app in a message to X on Wednesday.

The Apple Sports app is part of Apple's growing list of sports-related services.

Apple is entering the second year of its ten-year exclusive agreement with MLS. The first season reportedly added nearly a million subscribers to Apple TV+.

With the start of the MLS season, Apple announced that Season Pass users will be able to watch video on the Apple Vision Pro — and will soon also receive an immersive 3D film about the highlights of the 2023 championship games.

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