Game emulators, iPad Air screens and the new Elgato line in the AppleInsider podcast

M4 Mac coming soon

As China looks set to receive the Apple Vision Pro, we have a whole host of new Elgato devices , from game capture to webcam, plus the iPad Air may cost more than we think – — and M4 Macs will be here before we know it.

On vacation with Wes Hilliard — with his Apple Vision Pro — Host William Gallagher talks with AppleInsider writer Malcolm Owen. Since they live outside the US, none of them have Apple Vision Pro, but only one is worried — and this is not someone who has been using headsets for years.

However, there are early signs of Apple Vision Pro spreading from the States, with a very clear hint that it will soon be launched in China. It is still possible that there will be wider distribution before WWDC — and, of course, I am sure that Apple Vision Pro updates will be presented at the annual Apple conference.

It's also likely that the new iPads will launch before WWDC in June, but there's news this week that will have you thinking about a larger-screen iPad Air. Additionally, Apple is reportedly planning to move all Macs to the M4 processor within the next 10 to 12 months, which raises the question of whether that processor will make it into the iPad Pro.

Listen to the latest episode.

Subscriber Bonus: This week's AppleInsider+ is an origin story. Malcolm Owen and William Gallagher couldn't have had more different stories about the first time they used Apple devices — or what happened next. Write your story to William.

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  • New app is a sure sign that the Apple Vision Pro is coming to China very soon
  • The new 12.9-inch iPad Air may not be a great buy with a big screen.
  • When to expect that every Mac will get an AI-powered M4 processor
  • Elgato has an attractive new line of Neo content from creators & streamers
  • Apple's iPhone recycling is a safety nightmare for e-waste recycling partners.
  • Apple boasts of cutting greenhouse gas emissions in half.
  • AI Apple's iOS 18 will keep privacy on the device, not on the server.
  • Apple Notes in iOS 18 aims to compete with Microsoft OneNote
  • Delta game emulator appears on App Store after controversy
  • Delta game emulator appears on App Store after controversy
  • Delta emulator now available in App Store li>
  • Adobe Express mobile app for iOS comes with Firefly generative AI.

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