EufyCam 2C Review: A Great HomeKit Outdoor Camera That Needs a Partner

The EufyCam 2C allows you to keep an eye on what's going on outside in high quality, but if you don't have the Eufy HomeBase 2, it won't work with HomeKit or work independently.

EufyCam 2C review: camera installed and working
Outdoor cameras are great to install if you want to know what's going on outside your building. They can alert you when someone has left a package at your door or is pulling into your driveway.

At AppleInsider, we're not new to Eufy cameras, and in testing them, we were pleased with their performance and quality. retail price. They were easy to set up, easy to place, and were compatible with HomeKit Secure Video. However, these were indoor cameras that could not be placed outdoors or they would break.

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