Darkroom photo and video editor now automatically backs up and syncs presets.

Darkroom is one of the most popular photo and video editors for iOS (and also one of my favorites). The app received an important update this week that allows it to automatically back up and sync user-created presets. This greatly simplifies the search for presets on different devices.

Darkroom gets preset syncing

As detailed in the release notes for version 6.7 of Darkroom, the update brings automatic preset syncing and backup. Now, if you have your own settings, they will all sync between others your Apple devices connected to the same iCloud account.

This is a big step forward in simplifying the editing process across multiple devices. Although users already have the ability to back up and share their presets, until now this had to be done manually. And because the new system is supported by iCloud, syncing happens in the background and users don't need to create a special account for the app.

“Previously Darkroom&#8217 Managing presets across multiple devices was done manually, which broke your creative work process. Now all your settings are always available, eliminating the need to manually back up, restore, or share between devices manually” – said the developers.

With Darkroom you can adjust the brightness, contrast, highlights, shadows, color temperature and other details of already taken photos. The app also allows you to edit videos and even live photos. Plus, you'll also find a curve editor, watermark options, advanced support for RAW photos, and even integration with the Halide app.

The best part is that you can use most of Darkroom's features. free, which is available on the App Store. There is a $4.99 monthly subscription that allows you to unlock all of the app's features. It works with iPhone, iPad and even Mac.

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