Apple Music launches monthly repeats

by Hartley Charlton

Apple today released the monthly Apple Music Replay, allowing subscribers to view stats about their listening habits more regularly (via Engadget).

New ‌Apple Music‌ The Replay option offers a more detailed version of the full year's version of ‌Apple Music‌ Towards the end of the year, a replay feature is offered, allowing a retrospective look back at a user's entire year of music consumption.

The monthly version of the feature shows the previous month's total minutes of listening and the top artists, songs and albums, as well as monthly milestones . This data is archived and remains available for re-viewing at a later date, allowing users to go back and view replays from previous months.

This feature can be viewed at and is only available in the browser. Unlike the annual version, the monthly version of ‌Apple Music‌ Replay does not come with an accompanying playlist that can be added to a user's library or favorites.

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