Crime Bulletin: There won't be a wave of crimes against Apple Vision Pro, at least not yet

Apple Store on Bay Street in Emeryville, California

In the latest version of Apple Crime Blotter , Apple Store theft virus check, AirTag may have been used to plan murder, and lack of serious crime in Apple Vision Pro.

The latest in a series of AppleInsider articles dedicated to the world of crime related to Apple.

No crimes, so far involving Apple Vision Pro

During the first two weeks of Apple Vision Pro's appearance on the market, there were no reports of serious crimes related to the new device. So far, there have been no reports of Apple Vision Pro devices being stolen from Apple Stores, of Vision Pro being stolen from anyone in public, or of Vision Pro being used during the commission of any crime.

There was a viral video of a man in a Vision Pro driving a Tesla, after which the police arrived, but the person who posted the video later admitted that the video was a “parody” and the police were not there.

There have also been reports of Apple Vision Pro users returning to Germany and facing possible taxation or even confiscation of the devices.

About the theft at the Apple Store in Emeryville

In the first week of February, a video went viral showing a man running through an Apple Store in California, stealing several iPhone displays, and then running out of the store unchecked. He was even shown running past a police car parked outside the store.

According to KRON, the theft occurred at an Apple Store in the Bay suburb of Emeryville, despite the video description of the crime taking place in Oakland. The police car, Emeryville police told the station, was a “ghost car” stationed at various locations as a deterrent, and no officers were present at the scene.

A subsequent WION report stated that three people had been arrested in connection with a series of thefts at the Apple Store in the Emeryville store, and that one of the thefts “was viral” with a description matching the description in the video.

Woman accused of using AirTag to stage robbery and murder of her boyfriend

A Pennsylvania woman has been charged with installing an AirTag on her boyfriend's car, which gave away his location to a group of robbers who later killed. Law & Crime explains that the robbery and murder occurred after a guy won $3,000 in a sports gambling game.

The woman is charged with second-degree murder, robbery and conspiracy in the death of her boyfriend.

Discovery of 20 stolen Apple products leads to arrest of “serial” target-thief

California Police Department has arrested a man who was found in possession of 20 stolen Apple products, including an iPad Pro and Apple Pencils, as well as $10,000 in cash.

According to Fox 40, the West Sacramento Police Department believes the man stole from two Target stores as well as eight other Target stores on the day of his arrest. In the latest one, according to the report, a man tried to return four Apple Pencils and two iPads to Target, and when the return was rejected, he tried to run away.

The stolen items were later found in his car, police said.

In New York, serial thieves are accused of stealing AirPod Max headphones from mopeds

Police are looking for a group of thieves who steal AirPod Max headphones from the heads of pedestrians, and the thieves ride mopeds and Citi Bikes.

ABC 7 reports thieves have struck 21 times since September, mostly operating in Manhattan and Queens. Thieves, according to the report, “know to turn them off or reset them after they're stolen, so they sell them again.”

Philadelphia establishes retail crime task force retail

On September 26, in one of Apple's biggest retail thefts of 2023, dozens of people looted the Apple Store on Walnut Street in Philadelphia as part of protests after charges in connection with it were dropped. with a police-involved shooting.

This wave of robberies has led to more than 60 arrests, as well as frequently circulated videos of looters destroying iPhones when they realized they weren't working.

After this and other high-profile thefts in downtown Philadelphia last year, District Attorney Larry Krasner announced the opening of the city's first organized retail and retail chain. Home theft task force.

“I want you to understand that for some time there has been a false story, repeated and repeated and repeated by some people, that prosecutors do not prosecute retail theft below a certain amount. It's a lie. It was always a lie. This never happened,” Krasner told NBC Philadelphia.

“In fact, the policy said that below a certain dollar amount we would review these cases on an aggregate basis, which is what we did. And for a summary offense, you can be jailed for up to 90 days. It's not really a joke.”

Man Arrested for Stealing iPads from School in 2021

Washington State Police have arrested a man for stealing $1,600 worth of iPads from a high school in 2021.

The Chronicle reports that a 58-year-old man has been arrested and charged with the crime. He was arrested for the crime in February 2022, but failed to appear for a preliminary hearing the following month, and a bench warrant led to his arrest two years later, on February 12. The charges included second-degree burglary and second-degree theft. and an unrelated charge of driving with a suspended license.

iPhone theft investigated in Kansas

Kansas woman An iPhone and debit card were stolen, resulting in $1,458 in fraudulent purchases. WIBW reports that police have filed reports of theft of lost or mislaid property and criminal use of a financial card. The theft occurred in Manhattan, Kansas, near Kansas State University.

iPhone stolen from former Indian cricket star

A former Indian cricket captain is raising concerns about the recent theft of his iPhone from his home, including about “sensitive data” that may have been lost.

As reported by News 9, Sourav Ganguly, who is now the director of cricket for the Delhi Capitals, filed a police report after his iPhone was stolen. The device, according to the report, “contains contacts of some famous personalities that could be stolen and misused.”

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