China will receive Apple Vision Pro no later than May

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A new supply chain report says Apple will release the Apple Vision Pro in China in either April or May.

Apple Vision Pro launched exclusively in the US, but there have been reports from the start that it will soon roll out worldwide. As first spotted by IT Home, reports provided to Wall Street News say supply chain expects it could be released in China as early as April.

The translation specifically says 鈥渁s early as April, [but] no later than May.鈥 Details are scarce, but supply chain officials also claim that 鈥渢he registration process with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is close to completion.鈥

Supplies of the Apple Vision Pro in China are also expected to be 鈥渓imited.鈥

In addition to the challenges of ramping up production, China potentially poses another problem with the Vision Pro name. In June 2023, it was reported that the Chinese company Huawei had registered a trademark for the name Vision Pro four years before the announcement of Apple's headset.

This is not the first time there has been a conflict over the name Apple uses. Typically, Apple tends to insist on the desired name and reach agreements with other firms, although there have been exceptions.

China is a fairly large market, so launching Apple Vision Pro there makes sense. However, China has also become problematic for Apple as iPhone sales and overall sales there have declined.

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