CardPointers helps you maximize your credit card rewards, now in Vision Pro [Save 50%]

I've written before that CardPointers is one of my favorite apps that makes it very easy to maximize your credit card size . rewards, offers, promotions and much more. CardPointers is now available in Vision Pro with a very smart AutoPilot feature.

CardPointers is also celebrating its 5th anniversary this week with a 50% discount and $100 savings card bonus for 9to5Mac readers.

CardPointers tells you which credit card to use for different spending categories. It also helps you keep track of things like offers and promotions, annual payment reminders, and more. One of my favorite parts of CardPointers is the Safari extension that will tell you which credit card is best to use on a specific website to maximize the cash back or points you'll earn on a purchase.

In addition to the iPhone, iPad and Mac apps, CardPointers is now also available on VisionOS with an app fully optimized for Vision Pro. The app's design focuses on making everything easy to browse, “so you can get the information you need in less than 2 seconds.”

One of the really cool parts of CardPointers in Vision Pro is the AutoPilot feature. Here's how it works:

Enable Autopilot via Siri, in an app or Safari extension, place it anywhere in your environment, and CardPointers will automatically update as you go how you shop in Safari.

When you visit a site where you have an offer, AutoPilot will automatically switch to Offers mode to show you how to maximize your savings. On every other shopping site, AutoPilot ranks your cards by rewards category. And all this without having to lift (or squeeze!) a finger.

The VisionOS version of CardPointers also includes the same Safari extension as CardPointers on other platforms. Using this extension, CardPointers will automatically add and sync all of your Amex, Chase, Bank of America and Citi offers, without sharing your registration information.

Save 50% on CardPointers

As CardPointers celebrates its 5th anniversary this week Anniversary, 9to5Mac Readers Can Save 50% on CardPointers+ Upgrade. This reduces the cost of an annual subscription to $30 per year.

If you're not looking for another subscription in your life, the CardPointers+ lifetime upgrade is also 50% off, bringing the price down from $200 to $100.

Additionally, if you choose the CardPointers+ lifetime upgrade, you'll receive a $100 savings card as a sign-up bonus, making the CardPointers+ upgrade essentially free.

Believe me, you will get a huge return on your investment with CardPointers. With her help, I learned a lot about how to maximize the rewards on my credit card. Below is a short video describing CardPointers for Apple Vision Pro.

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