Apple reacts to Meta's plan to charge 30% commission on promoted posts purchased through the App Store

By: Joe Rossignol

In October 2022, Apple updated its app store review guidelines to clarify that selling “promoted” posts in social media apps must use the App Store's in-app purchase system. Thus, Apple receives up to 30% discount on these sales.

As a result In connection with that clarification, Meta today announced that it will soon charge advertisers a 30% commission when purchasing promoted posts through the Facebook and Instagram iOS apps. This policy would allow Meta to offset the amount it would owe Apple on each sale—essentially, it would pass on the added value to its customers. Advertisers who purchase Boosted Posts through iOS apps will now also be required to pay upfront, whereas Meta typically charges for Boosted Posts once they're served.

Meta said the change will take effect in the US at a later date. this month and in other countries later this year. Advertisers can avoid the 30% fee and upfront fees by purchasing Promoted Posts online on and

“We must either comply with Apple's policies or remove Promoted Posts from our apps.” Meta said in today's press release. “We do not want to remove the ability to promote posts as this would be detrimental to small businesses by making the feature less visible and potentially depriving them of a valuable way to promote their business.”

Meta previously stated that “Apple continues to advance its policies to grow its own business while undermining others in the digital economy.”

Millions of small businesses use boosted posts on Facebook and Instagram, according to Meta. it is a key advertising tool for businesses, allowing them to reach a wider audience on Facebook and Instagram in exchange for payment.

Apple's Answer

In response to Meta, Apple said in a statement that App Store apps have always been required to use in-app purchases to sell digital goods and services.

“We have always required that in-app purchases of digital goods and services use in-app purchases,” Apple said in a statement published today on MacRumors. “Promotion, which allows an individual or organization to pay to increase the reach of a post or profile, is a digital service, so of course requires an in-app purchase. This has always been the case, and there are many examples of apps that do this successfully.”

If boosted posts have always been considered a digital service, it's unclear why Apple allowed Meta to charge advertisers directly for years and didn't respond. when we asked for an explanation. . At a minimum, it appears that Apple has allowed Meta to bypass the App Store's in-app purchase system for Promoted Posts since clarifying its App Store review rules in October 2022. This grace period is clearly ending.

In its response, Apple stated that it has indeed given Meta ample opportunity to comply with the App Store Review Guidelines as currently written.

Apple added that companies have the option to use the Meta Ads Manager app. on iOS to set up and pay for your advertising campaigns without using the App Store in-app purchase system, as this app complies with the App Store Review Guidelines, which permits apps designed for the sole purpose of managing advertising campaigns to offer direct payment options. .

Update: In response to our inquiry, Apple said that if it finds that an app does not meet App Store review guidelines, its general approach is to work with the developer to help bring them into compliance with the rules.

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