Apple Watch Series 10 Rumored to Offer Limited Blood Pressure Monitoring

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A new report expects the Apple Watch Series 10 to add some sort of blood pressure monitoring feature, but there's an important caveat to that claim.

Apple has been working on something that many has been called the “Holy Grail” of non-invasive blood pressure and blood glucose monitoring. Adding these features could help address two of the most common diseases that require frequent monitoring: high blood pressure and diabetes.

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman in his latest report stated that “all signs point to the new Apple Watch coming with a blood pressure monitor this fall.” However, the first iteration is unlikely to give accurate readings.

Gurman believes the next new Apple Watch, potentially called the Apple Watch X in its 10th edition, will include a new hardware sensor that can detect blood pressure trends. However, this first iteration will likely only alert users to rising blood pressure trends rather than offering accurate readings.

Because this requires a new sensor, this feature will not be available on earlier Apple Watch models. Another rumored improvement will be built-in sleep apnea tracking.

Multiple Bloomberg reports dating back to late 2023 claim that blood pressure monitoring will be included in the 2024 Apple Watch. Gurman's latest report doesn't provide any additional details about its capabilities beyond its fall arrival.

Besides the blood pressure, the upcoming new watch model may also be thinner and may have a new strap mounting system that also takes up less space.

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