Apple Vision Pro uses Niantic technology to unlock more AR experiences

Apple Vision Pro [Niantic/8th Wall]

Niantic will support Apple Vision Pro with its 8th Wall Metaversal Deployment, which can make it easier for developers to implement WebAR capabilities into Apple's mixed reality headset.

One of the challenges of app development is to ensure that it runs on a variety of hardware and software platforms. Thanks to Niantic's announcement on Wednesday, developers looking to bring their VR and AR capabilities from other headsets to Apple's Vision Pro now have some help.

Metaversal Deployment Niantic's 8th Wall is a platform for viewing WebAR content. Originally released in 2021 for smartphones, tablets and computers, it was updated in 2023 with support for the Meta Quest 3 headset.

WebAR is a web-based augmented reality technology designed to provide augmented reality experiences through a browser. Instead of downloading an app, AR content is delivered through a browser, which enables communication between the AR interface and the hardware.

According to VentureBeat, Niantic is now bringing 8th Wall support to Apple Vision Pro.

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While possible To view content VR and AR, introduced in the Safari browser, 8th Wall offers WebAR developers additional help, for example, it includes access to the entire Vision Pro VR environment.

8th Wall's multiplatform also means that developers can create games for several platforms at the same time. This means that developers can release Apple Vision Pro content at the same time as releasing content for Meta headsets.

“With the MR headset category now available to consumers, creating content for different devices has become critical for developers who want to reach as many users as possible,” said Tom Emrich, chief product officer for Niantic's AR platform. .

He continued that 8th Wall support means “developers can build once and deploy everywhere, including computers, smartphones and headsets like Meta Quest and now Apple Vision Pro.”

Niantic's 8th Wall starts at $9 per month or $108 per year for developers to publish non-commercial web apps on the platform, rising to $99 per month for larger teams. Commercial brand licensing starts at $3,000 per month per project.

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