Apple still leads the shrinking US smartphone market

iPhone 15 Pro lineup

US smartphone sales hit new low in January 2024, but Apple's iPhone continues to grow increasingly dominate the market.

Counterpoint Research's previous preliminary reports for the full year 2023 showed renewed growth in premium smartphone sales. Now, the company's latest data through January 2024 shows the market as a whole is declining due to lower-end models.

“Tough times at the lower end, driven by volume, coupled with delayed updates in anticipation of new products, have led to the market falling,” Counterpoint senior analyst Maurice Klaene said in a new briefing.

Overall, U.S. smartphone sales were down 10% year-over-year in January 2024, but Counterpoint says “Apple outperformed most brands.” The figures show that iPhone sales are down in the “low single digits” but also that Apple is once again “continuing to gain share.”

“We continue to see strong promotion of the postpaid iPhone 15 series,” said research director Jeff Fieldhack, “although there remains significant interest in older models such as the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 among cost-conscious consumers.” . on prepayment.”

US smartphone sales and iPhone market share (Source: Counterpoint)

“This combination allows Apple to remain stable in a market that is experiencing a double-digit decline.” ” continued Fieldhack. “It's good for share gains and great for the iOS installed base.”

Counterpoint's Klene adds that “we'll likely see sales rebound in February, especially as the series becomes available Galaxy S24.”

Samsung launched the Galaxy S24 line on January 17, 2024, but went on sale on January 31.

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