Apple Sports, Apple Vision Pro and Smart Ring on the AppleInsider Podcast

Apple continues to promote live sports with an all-new app

Apple has proven that it is obsessed on sports, creating a somewhat crazy new app, while Apple's Vision Pro is still revealing secrets and we can — or it can’t be — going to get another new Apple platform.

Forget about VisionOS and Apple Vision Pro: Apple has released a new sports app — and is rumored to be close to releasing the Apple Smart Ring. There's a surprising amount to be said about Apple Sports, and quite a lot to throw out in the Apple Ring claims, but both tell us a lot about where Apple is today.

Somewhere between the Apple Sports app that launched this week and the ring that may never will appear, there are announcements from Apple in the next few weeks. We can especially expect new iPads to arrive, and it looks like they'll be amazingly thin.

Also, we are still learning about Apple Vision Pro — and if you have that type of car, you'll soon see changes to CarPlay when iOS 17.4 comes out of beta in March.

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  • Hands-on: Apple Sports offers a limited ability to track your favorite teams.
  • Apple designed its new Sports app to be fast and simple.
  • Apple is adding real-time scores to the new Apple Sports app
  • Experience MLS on Apple Vision Pro, including a special 3D version.
  • Apple 3D video cameras were spotted during the NBA Slam Dunk Contest.
  • Apple Strengthens iMessage encryption to protect it from a threat that doesn't yet exist.
  • Apple Vision Pro travel case review: Precision shock absorption is too expensive.
  • A hands-on look at the Apple Vision Pro ZEISS optical inserts.
  • A follow-up review of the Apple Vision Pro may take 18 months.
  • New iPhone 16 Pro colors are rumored to include yellow and gray.
  • After years of research, Apple's smart ring could be coming soon.
  • According to rumors, new AirPods Max will appear. will hit store shelves in 2024 without major changes in functionality.
  • The new iPad sizes are detailed in an anonymous leak.
  • Everything new in iOS 17.4 beta 4.
  • Apple says the iPhone 15's battery lasts longer than originally thought.

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