Apple Search Ads Expands to Brazil and Eight More Countries

Apple Search Ads will soon launch in other countries, including the Latin America region. Ads will soon begin appearing in the App Store for Brazil, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama and Paraguay.

This means app developers will be able to sell their products in more than 70 countries using Apple Search advertising. With Search Ads, ads can be set to appear in the Today app, at the bottom of the app's product pages, at the top of search results, and in the Search tab “ Suggested” section.

Today's news allows the advertising platform to reach more and more regions: Brazil represents one of the largest App Store markets in the world. It includes all the same features found in other regions, including a newly redesigned Today tab with animated custom background art.

Apple says Search Ads helps developers grow their audiences through integrated, robust marketing. Platform. The company says search advertising helps double the impressions of organic results, with small developers benefiting the most. They're also seeing conversion rates of up to 60% for advertised apps in search results, thanks to clear user intent signals and targeting relevant keywords for a given search query.

However, Apple has decided to get into the apps business. Store locator ads have sparked controversy in the community. Smaller developers are often frustrated that apps with much larger bankrolls may appear above them in search results, even when customers search specifically for their app's name. Not only do developers now pay Apple a 15-30% commission on all in-app purchases, but they also now feel pressured to budget for marketing spend on search advertising.

After implementing ad placements on product pages in In 2022, users began to see gambling and casino apps in the “You May Also Like” section; section below for descriptions and screenshots of (completely unrelated) productivity and indie apps. In response to developer backlash, Apple said in October 2022 that it had “suspended advertising in gambling and certain other categories.” from appearing in these slots. It would seem that this “pause”; is still in effect today.

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