Five Apple Vision Pro Cinematic Environments We'd Like to See

Why watch a movie when you can see your home at home when Is this not necessary?

Apple will do what it does, but there are some Cinema environments we'd like to see that would make our experience with the Apple Vision Pro more fun and fit the theme of the device. Here are AppleInsider's picks.

Yes, we know that VisionOS is new. It's so new that it still feels like a beta version.

There are exactly two special Cinema environments for watching movies in the Apple Cinema Player, in addition to the usual environments. And that's if you count Mount Hood, which isn't exactly a theater. Mount Hood at night can be used to watch movies over the lake on a simulated 150-foot wide screen — assuming you are in the environment before the movie starts.

Only two film studios – it's a shame. This is a great opportunity to expand on what is now the main reason for wearing a device — viewing media.

Of course, it is in the Imax application and several in the Disney+ application, but they are not universal and do not go beyond the scope of the applications in question.

When I asked about this in our Slack, the staff offered me a lot of options. As editor-in-chief, I followed orders and selected my favorites. They'll probably be mad about it, but it's good to be king.

Let's start!

Steve Jobs Theater

The most obvious of them is the property of Apple — Steve Jobs Theater. This is a model of a modern theater that combines high technology and classical theatrical craft in one building.

Yes, it's already in Keynote, but it's not the same. It's great that you can practice presentations using Apple Vision Pro, but we want more.

Steve Jobs Theater Debut Event

The Steve Jobs Theater opened in 2017, shortly after the rest of Apple Park was completed.

The first event it hosted was the debut of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Since then, the company has used it at almost all of its launch events.

This would be interesting as a full-fledged environment, or perhaps as an interactive experience, since the entire building is an engineering marvel.

Enterprise Bridge

The Roddenberry archive now has some pretty good images of various Star Trek bridges for Apple Vision Pro or your browser, but it's not enough. We want a cinematic environment.

The idea is simple. Every bridge has viewing screens, right here, front and center. The user's position is just as obvious — captain's chair. Choose your favorite captain: there is at least one for every generation.

Captain Pike's Bridge from Star Trek: The Original Series – image courtesy of the Roddenberry Archive

To make this happen, you need to line up so many people, which we don't do I don't suspect that it will ever (legally) arrive. However, there are unofficial 3D resources on the Internet, so someday it will be possible to do this in an unofficial way — unless Apple treats the environment the same way as Apple Watch faces.

We're not picky. Any Star Trek incarnation will do, and some of these viewports are huge. The USS Enterprise or US Navy aircraft carrier bridge would also work.

However, the hum of sensors or noise of engines is obligatory. Make them a toggle switch, though, because it can be distracting in quiet moments if the particular type of ASMR isn't your thing.

Sydney Opera House

Probably, there is still not a single theater that was would be more visible to the eye than the Sydney Opera House. Right on Sydney Harbor, Australia uses its architectural style in much of its tourism branding for the entire country.

Sydney Opera House Concert Hall

The 2,679-seat Concert Hall is the largest hall in the structure. The Joan Sutherland Theater is a good choice and the Drama Theater's proscenium stage would be fantastic too.

Muppet Theater

Like some Star Trek bridges, this one is old but good. And this is something Disney can do, considering they have a theater at Hollywood Studios in Orlando. This was one of the last things Jim Henson worked on personally, so this is as official as it gets.

In fact, I immediately looked for this theater on Disney+ during my first test of the device. I was disappointed that he wasn't there.

Muppet Vision 3D experience at Hollywood Studios, Florida – photo courtesy of Disney

Admittedly, this theater is probably the most familiar to a generation at this point X. It's stupid and would be a lot of fun to watch movies even if there's no animation or ambient noise associated with it.

Kermit and company do not have to attend. But Statler and Waldorf are like that.

Metropolitan Opera in New York

Than are you in the business, it should be said, to sell an environment that has hosted such varied performances as Prokofiev's War and Peace, several performances by Robin Williams, the 16-hour Der Ring des Nibelungen and the MTV Video Music Awards?

The Metropolitan is a symbol of New York that has existed for more than half a century. It is a huge cultural touchstone that boasts some of the most cutting-edge stage performances in the world.

Seats for spectators from the stage

The Gold and Burgundy Theater seats 3,794 people, many of whom are standing. The acoustics are amazing, with a deep backstage complex. What's not to like?

Now it’s your turn — what choice do you have?

We usually don't require user input because we know you already have an opinion. But this time we. What do you offer in terms of Cinema Environment extensions?

We will present some of the best offers in future articles.

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