Apple Raises Mac Trade-In Prices Following MacBook Air M3 Launch

By Julie Clover

Apple today increased trade-in prices on select Macs, with the update coming to coincide with the release of the new 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Air M3 models.

Mac users who decide to trade in an old machine could receive between $120 and $1,315, with the cost increasing from the previous range of $115 to $1,070 . . Most trade-in values ​​have increased only slightly or remained the same, but Mac Studio has increased the value.

Apple is now offering up to $1,315 when trading in ‌Mac Studio‌ , with the previous maximum of $1,070.

  • MacBook Pro – up to $1,000 (up from $990)
  • MacBook Air – up to $550 (no change).
  • MacBook – up to $160 (up from $150)
  • iMac – Up to $440 (unchanged)
  • iMac Pro – Up to $500 (unchanged)
  • Mac mini—down to $400 (down from $410)
  • Mac Studio—down to $1,315 (down from $1,070)
  • Mac Pro – up to $800 (down from $900)

Trade-in costs vary depending on the condition, year, and configuration of the Mac you're trading in. Macs can be traded in for a new device, or the value can be added to an Apple Gift Card.

The trade-in value for other devices, such as iPhones and Apple Watches, remains unchanged.

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