Apple Card savings data now available in more third-party budget apps

Apple Card

Users of third-party budgeting apps for iOS can now track their Apple Card, Apple Cash and Savings Figures as Apple again provides access to data points.

Information about spending habits and financial health was previously available through the third-party budgeting service Mint. After Mint shut down and was transferred to Intuit Credit Karma, users had no other alternatives to monitor their data outside of Apple's interfaces.

In a very subtle change in iOS 17.4, Apple is allowing more third-party budgeting and financial health apps to access a user's Apple Card, Apple Cash, and Savings data.

At the moment, AppleInsider is aware of at least three applications with such access, and Monarch and Copilot mentioned in the App Store that they use the new data. YNAB contacted AppleInsider about its own update. .

This change is unusual because Apple didn't announce it in the iOS 17.4 release notes or in any beta versions of iOS 17.4. However, Apple has announced that Apple Cash users can set up a virtual card in developer beta versions.

In a blog post about the update, Monarch explains that this feature automatically syncs transactions without the user having to import statements at the end of the month. This includes real-time spending data and also helps users budget properly throughout the month.

AppleInsider has contacted Monarch for more information about the change.

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