Apple Publishes First Release Candidates for VisionOS 1.1 and macOS 14.4 [Release Notes]

Apple has released the first candidate versions of future software updates. Following last week's iOS 17.4 RC, Apple has just dropped release candidates for VisionOS 1.1, macOS 14.4, watchOS 10.4 and tvOS 17.4.

First The RC build for earlier versions of macOS is also now available, as is the HomePod software.

visionOS 1.1

For Apple Vision Pro, VisionOS 1.1 will introduce corporate email support, contacts and calendar. This means headsets with mobile device management accounts will be able to access work email in the same way as iPhones and Macs.

Apple has also improved Persona, a beta feature that creates a digital version of you for use during video calls.

Here's a summary of the release notes:

This update introduces MDM features that enable enterprises to deploy, configure, and manage devices. This release also includes improvements to Persona, the ability to remove system apps from the Home screen, and other features, bug fixes, and security updates for your Apple Vision Pro.

s-14-4″>macOS 14.4

On Mac, macOS Sonoma adds new emojis and more:

macOS Sonoma 14.4 introduces new emojis, as well as other features, bug fixes, and security updates for your Mac.


New mushrooms, phoenixes and limes Emojis, broken chain and shaking heads are now available on the emoji keyboard

Supports 18 people and opposite-facing body emoji.

This update also includes the following improvements and bug fixes:

You can read the full text of a podcast episode or search by word or phrase. , pressed to play from a specific point, and used with accessibility features like text size, contrast enhancement, and VoiceOver.

Business updates in Messages for Business let you receive updates you've chosen to receive, such as order status , flight notifications, fraud alerts or other transactions from trusted companies

watchOS 10.4

The watchOS 10.4 release notes confirm that several features we've been keeping an eye on are ready for prime time:

watchOS 10.4 includes new features, improvements, and bug fixes, including including:

  • The “Tap to show full notification” setting now allows you to double-tap to expand the notification.
  • Using Apple Pay with AssistiveTouch verification will require a password for added security and will not support double-tapping the side button.
  • Addresses an issue that is causing some users to experience false taps on the display.
  • Fixes an issue that prevented some users from syncing contacts with their Apple Watch.

HomePod 17.4

According to the release notes, HomePod brings the ability to customize Siri's music preferences from iPhone.

This update allows Siri to know your preferred media service so that you no longer need to include the name of the media application in your request. This update also includes performance and stability improvements.

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Apple is expected to release iOS 17.4 this week under the EU Digital Markets Act. The iPhone software update also includes a number of other features, including podcast transcription, settings for the new anti-stolen device feature, new emoji, and more.

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