iPhone 16 Pro's capture button shown in new CAD leak

iPhone 16 Pro Mockup

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A series of renders said to be from the iPhone 16 Pro confirm dubious claims about the Capture button, but also suggest that the existing Action button will be created. more.

Following leaks about the upcoming iPhone SE 4 and 12.9-inch iPad Pro, four drawings have surfaced that allegedly show the iPhone 16 Pro.

Renderings published by 91mobiles on Friday and reportedly from unspecified industry sources show a slightly larger body than the current iPhone 15 Pro.

The publication reports that the dimensions of the phone are also given separately. It is 149.6 mm high, 71.4 mm wide and 8.4 mm deep.

If everything is correct, the iPhone 16 Pro will be 3mm taller than its predecessor, 0.8mm taller and 0.15mm thicker. With a larger body and thinner bezels, Friday's report expects the screen to be 6.3-inches.

Alleged iPhone 16 Pro leak

Leaked CAD drawings seem to confirm previous claims that Apple is adding a Snapshot button. They also debunk some previous rumors about the Action button and say it might get a little bigger after all.

Other recent rumors, although debunked, claim that the rear cameras will have a spinner-like shape, but this leak completely destroys it. Leaks of the new CAD support the expectation that Apple will stick with the current camera layout.

Two side views of the iPhone 16 Pro, according to the leak

As always with renders, they appear to be authentic, but the origin of the images has not been established. dont clear. Renderings are usually provided by manufacturers of accessories such as cases, and may be based on either speculation or some hard information from Apple.

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