Apple Maps could get custom directions with iOS 18

by Aaron Perris

Apple may be planning to add support for “custom directions” to Apple Maps in iOS 18, according to code reviewed by MacRumors.

‌Apple Maps‌ does not currently offer a way to enter self-selected routes, as Maps users are limited to Apple's pre-selected options, but this may change in ‌iOS 18‌. Apple has released ‌iOS 18‌ file to your maps server with the label “CustomRouteCreation”. While the file doesn't reveal much beyond the name, it does mention that this upcoming feature will be limited to the United States at launch.

Custom routes will allow users to choose which specific roads they want to drive on. travel down, whether for scenic purposes or to familiarize yourself with the route. Route options beyond the default were highly sought after in ‌Apple Maps‌ this feature has been around for several years, and other services like Google Maps allow users to create their own directions on a computer and then view them on an iOS device.

‌iOS 18‌ will be presented at the Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday, June 10th. More information about the update can be found in our iOS 18 review.

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