Apple is preparing to sell refurbished Ultra 2 and Series 9 watches in the US

By Joe Rossignol

Apple appears to be preparing to sell refurbished Apple Watch Ultra 2 and Apple Watch Series 9 models for the first time on its online store in the US.

Apple recently added gray search filters for the Ultra 2 and Series 9 to its revamped US desktop website, suggesting it plans to sell at some point models of these devices have been repaired. It's unclear exactly when this will happen, but it's a common step Apple takes shortly before selling new refurbished models.

Ultra 2 and Series 9 search filters restored (which have already been removed)
Like On new models The Ultra 2 and Series 9, which are currently sold directly by Apple in the US, are expected to have the Blood Oxygen app deactivated on refurbished models due to a legal battle with medical technology company Masimo. Last year, the US International Trade Commission (ITC) banned Apple from importing and selling Apple Watch models with a blood oxygen sensor after ruling that the feature infringed Masimo's patents.

Apple has stopped selling refurbished Apple Watches Series 7. and Series 8 models in the US after the ban takes effect, as they also offer the Blood Oxygen app.

It's also possible that Apple and Masimo could reach an agreement before Apple starts selling refurbished Ultra 2s and Series. 9 models that allow you to activate the Blood Oxygen application on devices. Otherwise, the feature can still be re-enabled via a watchOS software update in the future if and when the legal battle is resolved.

By the way, the first generation Apple Watch Ultra was never offered in a refurbished Apple store in US, but available in UK, Ireland, China and Japan. Because the ITC decision only applies to the United States, the Blood Oxygen app continues to work on Apple Watch models sold in all other countries.

USA. customers who want an Ultra 2 or Series 9 with the Blood Oxygen app activated can still purchase it from Best Buy for now.

Thanks, Stuart Dunford!

Update: Apple has removed the inactive Ultra 2 and Series 9 search filters on its updated Apple Watch page following our report. .

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