Apple executives talk about the future of the iPhone during a tour of Apple Park

Greg Joswiak (left) and Brian Tong in Apple Park

Apple executives, including Greg Joswiak and Kynann Drance talked about working on the iPhone and Apple's plans for the future.

YouTuber Brian Tong has previously covered topics like the Apple Vision Pro, as well as the AirPods Pro headset in particular, but now all the iOS topics can be seen in the 40-minute “State of the iPhone” video.

In the video, described as “a walk with Joz and friends at Apple Park,” Tong drives through the Apple campus. He shares the trip with a number of Apple executives, from Kayann Drance, vice president of iPhone marketing, to Greg “Joz” Joswiak, senior vice president of worldwide marketing.

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Interviews were split between marketing executives and people , working in hardware and software at Apple. In addition to Drance and Joswiak, their members also included:

  • Anand Shimpi, Hardware Technology
  • Alok Desphand, Camera Software Development
  • Delia Huff, Photography and Camera. Product Marketing

Chimpy had a lot to say about Apple's work in the field of artificial intelligence. “You look at… the camera, [and AI is already helping] from understanding the scene to setting up the camera and ultimately improving the final image capture.”

“[As] Tim mentioned, we have some interesting things coming up,” Shimpy continued, “but I can say that from a hardware and software perspective, we are in a very good position.”

Every Apple employee is interviewed for a few minutes, and then, fortunately, they are back where they started. Of course, neither executive ever reveals plans for the future, but Joswiak is trying to convey what Apple is always striving for.

“The iPhone [has] changed our entire daily life, without it you wouldn't leave the house, right?” He said. “So we see it as such a responsibility, we talk about the camera and we talk about your daily life, [but] one of the big areas is the area that we're investing in to keep our users safe.”

Anand Shimpi, Hardware Technology

He talked about the difficulties of launching emergency services via satellite and then roadside assistance. “We continue to look for opportunities to positively impact people’s lives,” he said. “We've been doing this since the first iPhone [and] continue to do it.”

“With our hardware/software/service integration that we have here, we have this opportunity [that if] we can imagine it, we can build it,” Joswiak said, “and it always gets me excited.”

Tony ends the video by asking Joswiak to name his three favorite iPhones. He immediately says that the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, the current models — before asking if he could make four so he could turn on the iPhone 15 Plus.

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