VisionOS 1.1 beta allows users to reset Vision Pro if they forget their password

As Bloomberg reported yesterday, some Vision Pro users discovered the hard way that there is no way to restore the device if For some reason you forgot your password. If this happens, you will have to take Vision Pro to an Apple Store or repair center. Fortunately, the VisionOS 1.1 beta appears to resolve this issue.

Vision Pro users will be able to reset their device if they forget their password

Normally, Vision Pro uses Optic ID to authenticate the user's eyes. However, in some situations, users are required to enter their password, such as after a reboot. However, if you forget your password, you will have no choice but to take the headset back to the Apple Store. so they can reset it for you.

Based on code discovered by 9to5Mac, VisionOS Beta 1.1 released Tuesday to developers adds an option that allows users to wipe all data from Vision Pro if they forget password used to unlock the device.

If you've forgotten your iPhone or iPad password, you can connect your device to your computer to recover it. However, this is not possible with Vision Pro. Although the Apple Watch cannot be connected to a computer, it does have an option that allows users to erase all their data directly from the device if you forget the password. A similar option is now available in VisionOS 1.1.

“This Apple Vision Pro is locked by security. You can wait and enter the password again, or erase and reset Apple Vision Pro right now” says a new system warning that will appear when a user enters the wrong password too many times. It's worth noting that the Vision Pro has an activation lock, so you'll still need your Apple ID password to reactivate the device.

Sources familiar with the matter told 9to5Mac that there were a lot of users. There are problems with the password in Vision Pro, especially when Optic ID fails. Apple has released software that allows retail employees to restore Vision Pro using a USB-C adapter available to developers.

More about VisionOS 1.1

visionOS 1.1 is the first beta update available for Apple Vision Pro. It adds support for mobile device management (MDM), which allows you to customize your device for business environments.

It's unclear exactly when VisionOS 1.1 will become generally available, but it… 8217;can be expected to release in early March with iOS 17.4.

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