Threads Begins Rolling Out Trending Feature to US Users

Last year, we reported that Threads was working on a Trending feature so users could find the most talked about posts topics on the platform. At the moment. While the feature is not yet available to everyone, Threads is now making the Trending feature available to users in the US.

As posted by Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri , the feature helps users find “trending topics people are talking about.” According to the manager, current topics in topics can be found on the “Search” tab, as well as in the “For You” feed. Mosseri explains that topics are determined by AI based on what people are doing on the platform.

“Our content experts will review the topics selected by our AI systems to ensure they are not duplicated or misleading, but overall we want them to accurately reflect what's really trending in Threads. Political trends will be eligible,” – Mosseri said on his personal profile.

The interface is very similar to the one published last year. It shows the ranking of the most commented topics in the threads with the number of posts on each topic. However, the leaked interface showed how many posts there were in each topic – and Meta appears to have removed this information.

For now, the Trending feature will be available to a small number of users located in the US. . Instagram's CEO says the platform wants to “learn from this test and improve it over time.” before expanding the feature to more regions and languages.

Earlier this year, Threads released an update that added the ability to sort search results chronologically. However, the platform later retracted the update and said the feature was an “internal prototype” that was “accidentally made available to a small number of people.” It's unclear when (or if) this option will return.

You can download the Threads app for free on the App Store.

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