The claim that the iPad will be announced on March 26 is “untrue” – Gurman

Instant Digital has been busy on Weibo lately with a series of announcements about future iPad Pro models. One was that the iPad announcement would be made on March 26, but Bloomberg's Mark Gurman said that was “not true.”

Instant Digital did announce it. some track record, including a yellow color update for the iPhone 14 and a frosted glass design on the back of the iPhone 15. However, the account also got a number of predictions wrong, so it falls into the category of random mistakes and errors. #8230;

Instant Digital recently made three announcements about future iPad Pro models.

Matte screen option

Firstly, the new models will be available in both glossy and matte screen versions. The effectiveness of anti-glare treatments is measured using the so-called haze index. The higher the number, the more effective the effect.

A turbidity claim typically requires a value of 25% or more. matte screen, and the account states that the iPad will have a cost of 29%, give or take 4%, so will qualify.

If true, this option would certainly attract a price premium , but it will be a significant event, and at the time we noted that no one had reported it yet, so we are somewhat skeptical, at least for now.

Smaller bezels

Secondly, this year the iPad's bezels will be 15% thinner, with specific dimensions specified.

There is evidence to support this: Bloomberg previously reported that Apple is working towards this goal . Additionally, this is consistent with a separate report about the iPhone 16's smaller bezels using technology acquired by all three of Apple's display suppliers. So this option seems safer.

iPad announcement March 26 – & # 8220;not true”

Finally, Instant Digital said Apple will announce new iPads on March 26.

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman didn't say when exactly he expects the announcement, indicating only that it will be between the end of March and April. But he took to Twitter to categorically state that the March 26 date was wrong, simply linking to the report and commenting: “Not true.”

The Gourmet stated that “ “iPadOS 17.4, intended for updated models, will not be ready until the end of March or even sometime in April,” the company said. and that giving Apple time to install it on new hardware will take us well into April before devices start shipping. However, this leaves room for an announcement at an earlier date.

The new iPad Pro models will switch to OLED screens, allowing for a significantly thinner design, and an upgrade to the M3 chip will also improve performance. . Check out our full review to find out everything you can expect.

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