The Best Modern Banking Apps on iOS for 2024

In the digital age, banking apps have become our financial lifelines, offering ease and convenience to managing money like never before . However, with the constant influx of new fintech apps, choosing the right one can be a daunting task. Whether you're opening your first bank account or managing several, our guide to the three best banking apps for iOS is designed to make your choice easier. Having personally explored all three, I have found that each serves a different purpose. We'll dive into each app's features, pricing, and customer service, giving you a clear plan for choosing the app that best fits your financial landscape. Let's take a look at the tools that will transform your banking experience.

The best universal banking application – Sofi Bank

I have been working with SoFi Bank for over two years and it has truly improved my approach to managing my finances. SoFi stands out because it offers a range of services that cover virtually every aspect of financial planning without the hassle of traditional bank fees, the need for physical branches and the convenience of getting paid two days early.

One of the key points What attracted me to it was SoFi's attractive suite of products. SoFi covers virtually every financial need, from personal checking accounts with high-yield savings with an industry-leading 4.6% APR (as of March 2024) to mortgages, Roth IRAs, investing options, credit cards and even a retirement plan planning. Their credit card is one of my favorite recommendations and gives you 3% cash back on everything in the form of a zero fee card!

A particularly innovative tool that highlights SoFi's modern approach is the SoFi Relay product. This feature brilliantly connects your entire financial landscape by allowing you to link external bank accounts to your SoFi accounts. It turns the app into a central hub for monitoring expenses, income, and even your net worth, all updated in real time. This level of control is invaluable for anyone who wants complete control over their financial situation.

The user experience of the SoFi app itself is a testament to the bank's commitment to modernity and convenience. Its design is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally superior, ensuring that navigating your financial data, whether checking your balance, tracking investments, or setting savings goals, is simple and hassle-free. The focus on a simple and secure user experience coupled with the comprehensive financial visibility provided by SoFi Relay places SoFi Bank at the forefront of next-generation banking solutions.


  • Great functionality & easy to use interface, 4.8 stars in the app store
  • High Yield Savings Account – 4.6% APR
  • Vaults – used to automatically save certain items.
  • ZERO fees, no transaction fees, late fees, overdraft fees or any monthly fees.
  • Paycheck two days early
  • Investment Platforms
  • Pension planning
  • ATM network of 60,000 ATMs
  • Mobile Check Deposit
  • Great, No Fee, 3% Cash Back Credit Card for Beginners
  • $25 Offer for New Registration
  • Free credit rating


  • No physical bank branches
  • No cash receipts
  • Cash deposit is possible, but not ideal

Who should open a Sofi account?

SoFi is the ideal choice for banking customers looking to improve their financial management. The iPhone app combines simplicity and intuitive navigation, offering a wide range of uncomplicated services. SoFi is ideal for users who value a premium mobile banking experience over physical branches. It provides high-yield savings and access to additional financial products such as investing and credit cards. This makes SoFi the ideal platform for those who want to seamlessly integrate their banking and financial growth.

Best banking app for beginners – Chime Bank

Although I have given up on Chime as my bank, it holds a treasured place in my financial history. I worked at Chime for five years before moving to Sofi. Chime was like a crash course in growing up financially: it showed me how to save for the long term, how to build a solid credit score, how to keep track of my bills, and much more.

Chime is a total no-brainer for newbies. Signing up is super easy and you can say goodbye to those tricky hidden fees. The app is very user-friendly, making it easy to control your finances. But what is the real game changer? Chime Credit Card. It's an ingenious way to boost your credit without getting bogged down in debt, thanks to a prepayment system that ensures you'll always make your payments on time. This Credit Builder feature has significantly increased my credit score in the two years I've had their Credit Builder card. Plus, with many free ATMs on their network, you won't have to spend extra money on fees.


  • Extremely convenient, 4.8 stars in the app store.
  • Chime Credit Builder is a free credit card to build your credit.
  • Get paid two days early
  • ZERO fees, no transaction fees, no late fees, no overdraft fees or monthly fees of any kind.
  • Spot Me service for overdraft protection up to $200.
  • Automatic savings feature: round up savings and automate payroll department
  • Disable lost or a stolen card
  • View card information digitally
  • Making a deposit using mobile check
  • Free credit score


  • No physical branches – if you like going to the bank, then this is not for you.
  • Mobile check deposit is only available if you are enrolled in direct deposit.
  • Not very rich in products. No investment platform, lending products, insurance platform or mortgage offerings
  • No cashier's checks

Who is Chime for?

I initially joined Chime because I was interested in its user-friendly interface and their innovative approach to banking without those pesky fees or the need for a physical bank that I would never visit. What I needed was something reliable that I could manage entirely from my phone, where I could get my paycheck straight into my account. As Chime upped its game, I became hooked on their Credit Builder, which increased my credit score by a nice 45 points. in just a year, proving that I can pay on time, every time.

This is the golden ticket for those who have just entered the job market and need a bank that is easy to navigate, that helps you get a loan and lays out the basics savings without making you dizzy. Plus, they'll give you $100 if you sign up and set up direct deposit.

Best Traditional But Modernized Bank – Chase Bank

Chase Bank is an ideal choice for those who want the reliability of traditional banking with the convenience of a cutting-edge iOS app. It perfectly combines the convenience of physical branches with digital innovation, providing a seamless banking experience for all customers. The app itself is a powerful tool, offering easy account management, remote check depositing, and personalized alerts. This digital tool simplifies your financial life by making it easy to control your money with just a few taps.

What's more, Chase doesn't stop at digital convenience—it's a comprehensive financial center. From mortgages and auto loans to student loans, Chase offers all the financial products you could need, making it incredibly convenient to manage all your financial affairs in one place.

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The icing on the cake is the Chase Ultimate Rewards program, which I have become obsessed with. I was able to book a free business class trip from the US to Europe. It turns everyday spending into points that can be redeemed for luxury travel, offering a world of free, high-end travel. Here's the map I use for this!

Choosing Chase Bank means choosing a banking experience that combines tradition, technology and convenience with comprehensive financial services while unlocking the potential of luxury travel at a smarter cost.


  • 4.8 stars in the app store
  • Huge range of product offerings
  • Extensive network of branches
  • Chase Ultimate Rewards Program
  • Huge list of credit card options you can apply for
  • Credit Score Tool
  • Mobile Check Deposit
  • Disable lost or stolen card
  • Outdated bank


  • Minimum for an account
  • Opening an account is not free
  • No real HYSA option
  • Sometimes too many options

Who is Chase for?

Chase is the perfect choice for those who want Get the best of both worlds: a user-friendly, highly rated iOS app for on-the-fly money management and secure backup of traditional bank branches. It's ideal for tech enthusiasts, savvy savers and travelers, offering a wide range of financial services, from basic banking to great value credit cards. With Chase, you get a versatile and rewarding banking experience tailored to suit different needs and lifestyles, while keeping it simple and accessible.


Obviously, you can't go wrong with any of these mobile banking options. Chime served me well for years before I switched to SoFi, which served my growing financial needs brilliantly—whether it was getting a credit card, planning for retirement, or diving into investment accounts. Switching to Chase Bank allowed me to maximize my spending and taught me how to play my credit cards responsibly. Each of these platforms optimizes your financial journey by offering incredible value and empowering you to develop a positive relationship with your money. No matter where you fall on the financial spectrum, these apps are ready to make managing your money easier with ease and expertise. Let me know who you bank with and why, and let's discuss it in the comments below.

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