Spotify audiobooks are now available in a separate tier for $9.99, but no one knows why

Last year, Spotify Premium subscribers received free access to audiobooks, with members able to listen for up to 15 hours per month.

The company has launched a separate version only for audiobooks, but it is completely unclear why …

Here's what Spotify says about the new service:

From today Daily Audiobook Access Tier provides book lovers in the United States with 15 hours of listening to our audiobook catalog of over 200,000 titles for $9.99 per month. With this plan and one app, listeners can continue to listen to music and podcasts on our free, ad-supported service, providing a great option for literary lovers looking for more audiobook content.

This is normal, except … An individual Spotify Premium subscription costs $10.99 per month and includes the same 15 hours of audiobook access. So if you pay another dollar, you'll also get ad-free music.

I think if you hate music or love ads, this will save you a dollar …

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