Setapp will be one of the first alternative iPhone app stores in the EU

by Joe Rossignol

MacPaw today announced that Setapp will be available as an alternative app store for iPhone in the EU starting in April. Those interested in accessing the beta can join the waitlist, and developers interested in the platform can apply on this page.

Alternative app marketplaces are one of several changes Apple is rolling out in the EU with iOS 17.4 to comply with the Digital Markets Act.

On Mac, Setapp is a popular service subscription-based app that gives users access to a curated collection of dozens of popular apps for $9.99 per month. This includes apps such as Ulysses, iStat Menus, Spark Mail, Unite, Yoink and others. Starting with iOS 17.4 and later, Setapp will be available directly on iPhone in the EU.

MacPaw said the beta version of Setapp Mobile will offer a “carefully curated selection of apps”:

Productivity and business tools. Increase your productivity with tools for manage your schedule, stay on track, personalize your online experience, and more.

Creative and design software:Unleash your creativity with intuitive tools designed to animate photos , document creation, and more.

Lifestyle and Productivity:Improve your daily life with apps that help you develop better habits, stay up to date with the latest news, and manage effectively your notes and ideas.

Utility apps:Simplify everyday tasks with apps that let you easily share files, control your expenses, and streamline organizing your ideas. p>

Dedicated professional tools:Work with advanced applications designed for detailed document searches, comprehensive database management, and much more.

MacPaw – one of the first companies to announce plans to offer an alternative iPhone app marketplace in the EU alongside Epic Games. Setapp subscribers on Mac can already access a collection of iOS apps using a QR code system, while the alternative app marketplace will offer a more user-friendly experience.

Apple is expected to release iOS 17.4 no later than March 6, the deadline to comply with the Digital Markets Act. For more information on changes coming to the App Store and more in the EU, read our previous coverage. The changes do not apply outside the EU and do not apply to iPadOS in any country.

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