Report: Apple mulls potential partnership with Rivian

Earlier this year, Apple canceled its decade-long Project Titan electric vehicle initiative, but a new DigiTimes report says Apple… ;The ambitions of electric vehicles may not be over yet. According to the article, Apple is “evaluating the possibility of teaming up with a US electric vehicle startup, and Rivian is a likely candidate.”

The report says there is “speculation among supply chains”; that Apple is exploring the possibility of collaborating with an electric vehicle startup. DigiTimes suggests that Apple could take advantage of its 10 years of research into electric vehicles and autonomous driving and merge with another company instead of creating its own car.

Although “it is unclear what form such a collaboration might take,” the report suggests Rivian is a leading candidate, according to supply chain sources.

There are no other details in the DigiTimes report. It's unclear what a partnership between Apple and Rivian would look like—or whether Rivian would be interested in such an agreement at all. However, at least according to DigiTimes' supply chain sources, Apple is “looking into” it.

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As many as I'd like Look at the partnership between Apple and Rivian. I prefer not to get my hopes up about it. The report is light on details and appears to be based solely on speculation from Apple suppliers. I'd wait for something more concrete before getting too excited.

Perhaps most importantly, Apple can provide Rivian with the cash it needs as it enters the difficult process of ramping up production of its new R2, R3 and R3X vehicles.

Do you think Apple should merge with Rivian? What kind of collaboration might Apple have in mind? Let us know in the comments.

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