New Apple Pencil Coming Tomorrow – Here's What Rumors Say

Apple will hold a special event on May 7th. While the company doesn't typically discuss event themes, the cover of the invitation makes it clear that it will be about the iPad – as we can see an Apple Pencil on it. After Apple CEO Tim Cook hinted that a new Pencil would be released tomorrow, the name “Apple Pencil Pro” also appeared on Apple's website, adding fuel to the fire.

Apple Pencil 3 or Pro coming soon

In a post on X, Cook shared an illustration of the event with the caption “Invite us to May 7th!” The executive also added a pencil emoji to the post, further cementing the fact that Apple will indeed release new iPads and possibly a new Apple Pencil at its Let Loose special event.

Apple last released a next-generation Apple Pencil in 2018 (with the exception of a cheaper USB-C version introduced last year). At that time, the Apple Pencil received a matte design, an improved grip, a new double-tap gesture, and magnetic charging. But what exactly can we expect from the Apple Pencil 3?

Rumors suggest that the new Apple Pencil may have Find My integration. This will help users easily track and find their lost Apple Pencil, just like AirPods and AirTags. Some rumors also suggest that the Apple Pencil 3 will have replaceable magnetic tips.

9to5Mac also found multiple evidence suggesting that the new Apple Pencil will support some sort of “Pinch” gesture. Potentially, the new Apple Pencil will be able to detect when a user taps on its surface to perform some quick actions, such as adding text or a signature.

On Monday, Apple's home page updated an Easter egg that also hints at a new pencil. You can erase the illustration of tomorrow's event by using your mouse cursor or by dragging your finger over the image. Interestingly, this interactive piece of art has the name “Apple Pencil Pro” hidden in the website codes.

Will Apple release a “Pro” version of the accessory rather than just update the current Apple Pencil? Will it cost more than the Apple Pencil 2? Apple will answer these questions tomorrow.

What about the new iPads?

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I'm not sure M2 is needed; this will only increase the price and therefore reduce the market size.

I think the 12.9″ iPad M1 will be a more consumer-focused device.

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Of course, the iPad event will feature new iPads. There are rumors that Apple will introduce both new iPad Air and iPad Pro models. While the iPad Air 6 will be equipped with an M2 chip as well as a larger version with a 12.9 processor. with an inch screen, the new iPad Pro will be equipped with a mysterious new chip and will have OLED displays as well as a thinner design.

Why the mystery chip? Even though we all believed it? The new iPad Pro will feature the M3, and rumors suggest that Apple may release an entirely new chip for it (such as the M4) with a focus on solving problems based on artificial intelligence.

In addition, there are reports that Apple has developed an updated Magic Keyboard, which will make the iPad more like a traditional laptop, moving away from the current floating design.

Apple's special event will be online and will take place at 7 a.m. PT/10 a.m. ET.

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