Ivory for Mastodon adds quote posts to iPhone, iPad and Mac

Tapbots has released a new version of its popular Ivory for Mastodon client for iPhone, iPad and Mac. This week's update marks the first time that Ivory supports quote posts.

As a platform, Mastodon itself doesn't support posting with quotes, but this solution from Tapbots is a smart workaround. If a post contains a link to another post on Mastodon, Ivory will show you that post directly, not just the link. Additionally, you will see a new quote “Quote” option on Mastodon posts inside Ivory.

“All we're doing is showing the post you're linking to visually, rather than just a link to the Mastodon post that has since everyone could do the beginning of the service. This, and also makes the process of copying a link to a message and pasting it into the compose window more automated.”

Quote messages are also available in other Mastodon clients, such as Mona and Mammoth. As noted by MacStories, Mastodon's CTO recently said that the service is working on a native implementation of quote messages.

You can download the latest version of Ivory for Mastodon from the App Store on iPhone, iPad and Mac.

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