iPhone 17 Ultra could be the next iPhone X moment

I still remember my first moments with the iPhone X. It was like something from the future: OLED display , Face ID, full-screen design, new UX navigation paradigms. The iPhone X is truly a step forward for the iPhone after years of iterative updates.

According to the latest reports, next year's iPhone 17 could bring with it another iPhone X-style moment. The new ultra-thin iPhone model is said to be a new high-end model, possibly called the iPhone 17 Ultra.

Here's what this next breakthrough iPhone could bring.

Futuristic slim design

The iPad Pro M4 recently won the title of Apple's thinnest device ever. If you've held one in your hands, you know it looks like a device from the future. It's not quite like sci-fi movies where characters hold paper-thin screens in their hands, but it's close!

The iPhone 17 Ultra, with a significantly thinner design, could look just like something from the past the future.

Now some might reasonably say: why do we need a thinner iPhone? The current model is quite good. And of course, no one “needs” the iPhone to become slimmer. But if Apple can still provide adequate battery life for the device, the ultra-thin 17 Ultra will usher in a new era in iPhone design. Thinner and lighter doesn't always mean better, but it can often be the case, as the iPad Pro M4 shows.

Next-level camera system

We're already expecting the entire iPhone 17 lineup to get a significantly upgraded front camera, ranging from 12MP to 24MP. However, very little is known about the rear camera system, except for a word from the Info about the big design change:

The rear cameras could be moved from the top left corner of the phone's back to the top center part as part of the redesign.

Android phones have long been designed with a camera system in the center of the device, so it's especially curious that Apple is now planning to make this transition. Presumably, the 17 Ultra will be the only model with a redesigned design.

If the camera movement is confirmed, we can expect there to be a reason for it. The iPhone 17 Ultra must have some next-level camera technology not available in any of the other 17 models.

If Apple is trying to increase the average selling price of iPhones, camera features are one of the best ways to attract customers.

Software history?

When Apple debuted the iPhone X, much of its story revolved around software. The removal of the Home button was a big deal, but it came with major changes to the user experience for users as they had to navigate a gesture-based interface.

When the Apple Watch Ultra was released, it had its own as well. history of software. The Wayfinder and Modular Ultra watch faces meant users could create custom watch face customizations that weren't previously possible, complemented by a new design. Night mode also offered a new look to the watch face. And the “Action” button contained a large software component.

I suspect we'll see a similar software aspect to this story with the iPhone 17 Ultra. There will probably be some new iOS feature exclusive to Ultra.

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“But if Apple can still deliver adequate battery life, the ultra-thin 17 Ultra will usher in a new era of iPhone design.”

There is no such thing as as “adequate” battery life. Bigger is always better.

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This may be due to the unique screen size of the device, which is expected to be different from the other 17 models and will likely have a smaller notch at the top. Or maybe the Ultra model will come with a special chip variation that allows you to do something new. Either way, software is one way Apple can differentiate its product from its siblings.

The Bottom Line

As consumers, we've become accustomed to the fact that the iPhone Pro models are the best of the best. But Apple has shown through its other products that there is a place for an Ultra version.

Seven years have passed since the debut of the iPhone X, so the iPhone is starting to take a major step forward. Additionally, I suspect the new premium iPhone will be a big draw for customers who simply want the best model, both for the technology itself and simply as a status symbol.

Apple hasn't yet tested the ultra-premium iPhone market, but it looks like that could change soon.

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