Google Chrome for Mac Gets Generative AI Features

By Julie Clover

Google today announced plans to add experimental generative AI features to the latest version of Chrome for Mac (M121) that will help users organize tabs, create topics, and create content drafts.

Tab Organizer can suggest and create tab groups based on open tabs – an option that can be accessed by right – clicking on a tab and selecting The Organize Similar Tabs option.

With its text-to-image diffusion model, Chrome users can create custom themes based on theme, mood, visual style, and color. The “Create with AI” theme option is available in the Customize Chrome sidebar.

When writing something online, such as on a forum, Chrome will be able to help users create content. This feature will allow users to right-click on any text box or box to access the “Help Me Write” option.

The tab organizer and theme creator will be available to Chrome users in the US over the next few days. and the writing assistant will be available in a Chrome update next month. Experimental features can be enabled in Chrome's Settings by clicking the three-dot menu and going to the Experimental AI page.

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