Google boosts Chrome search suggestions on mobile and desktop

By Tim Hardwick

Google has announced three new features in the Chrome browser for desktop and mobile devices that aim to provide more helpful suggestions when searching the web, even when your data connection is poor.

On desktop, users signed into Chrome and opening a new tab will now see suggestions related to their previous searches in the search field based on similar things others are looking for. For example, if you recently searched for “Japchae,” you might see suggestions for other popular Korean dishes.

Elsewhere, Google says it has also improved its image search results. Previously, Chrome only displayed images in the address bar for search suggestions that matched the specific product users were searching for. Now on iOS and Android, Chrome will show images for broader shopping categories and products based on a simple search.

Finally, Chrome on Android and iOS now has an improved on-device experience that will offer search suggestions to users even on poor network connections. Google says this will also mean more useful suggestions when you turn on Incognito mode.

Google says three new features are now being rolled out gradually to Chrome users. The changes follow last week's launch of a new AI-powered generative feature, Help Me Write, available in the Chrome desktop browser.

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