Game Boy “Delta” iPhone emulator updates app icon following Adobe's “threat of legal action”

By Joe Rossignol

The developers of the popular Game Boy Delta emulator for iPhone said they have updated the app icon today to avoid possible lawsuits from Adobe.

New Delta app icon (left) and Adobe logo (right)
“Adobe threatened legal action if we didn't change our app icon – which we did,” it says in the release notes. for the latest version of Delta on the App Store.

The former Delta icon actually looks like a mirrored version of the Adobe logo, which is a registered trademark in the US and other countries. According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, companies have a responsibility to protect their trademarks, and failure to do so can ultimately result in the loss of trademark rights.

Previous Delta app icon
“Without With proper controls, over time, the original owner of a mark can lose all trademark rights it has in that mark,” says the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Apple has used the same methods for many years protecting its trademarked logo, including in 2020 when it filed a complaint against a small company with a pear logo.

Thanks, Parker Ortolani!

Update :The Verge shared some details about the situation and said that the current Delta logo is only a temporary solution as the company developed an entirely new icon.

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