Eve announces new Eve Energy Outlet (available now), Eve light switch and Matter-enabled Eve blinds

Update: Eve Energy Outlet is now on sale. It can be purchased on Amazon or the Eve Store. The Eve Energy socket will replace your traditional socket with one with built-in Matter. It lets you individually control two outlets using Siri, the Home app, or as part of HomeKit automation.

Eve, the popular HomeKit provider, has announced three new products ahead of CES 2024. Today, the company announces Eve Energy Outlet , Eve Light Switch and Eve Blinds will be available in the Eve Store and Amazon in 2024.

Eve Energy Outlet

Eve Energy Outlet is Eve's first in-wall product. While Eve Energy is built around a simple plug and socket installation, Energy Outlet will offer a permanent solution by replacing the actual outlet. The socket is available in white and can be used in single or multiple installations.

“Eve Energy Outlet, Eve Light Switch and Eve Blinds integrate seamlessly into modern interiors and are an excellent choice for homeowners looking to create a comprehensive, durable and energy-efficient smart home infrastructure,” said Jerome Gackel, CEO of Eve Systems. “Matter makes them the most advanced choice for energy, lighting and shading control.

Eve Light Switch with Matter

The Matter-enabled version of the Eve Light Switch provides the convenience of connected lighting without replacing a single light bulb in yours. Lighting can be easily turned on and off using the app or Siri voice control. Eve Light Switch works in unison with additional Matter devices, so you can use it in HomeKit or any other platform that works with Matter

Matter Enabled Eve Blinds

The Eve Blinds Collection is a collection of custom blinds with Eve MotionBlinds functionality and Eve Adaptive Shading. The Eve app allows roller blinds with Eve MotionBlinds technology to automatically close depending on the position of the sun in your area. The fabrics used for the Eve Blinds Collection are available in translucent and blackout options and have insulating properties that help save energy. Roller blinds from the Eve Blinds Collection will be available in the US and Germany in the Eve Store.


Eve Energy Outlet will be available in the Eve Store and Amazon priced at $49.95 starting February 6, 2024. The Eve Light Switch with Matter will be available in the second quarter of 2024 for $49.95. The Eve Blinds collection will be available in the US and Germany at the Eve Store starting February 1, 2024.

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