Epic Games Plans to Create an Alternative App Store in the EU as Apple Reinstates Developer Account

Julie Clover

Epic Games today announced plans to release ‌Epic Games‌ Store for iOS in the European Union, while Apple has restored the company's developer account.

In As it wraps up 2023, Epic said it has secured an Apple developer account and will soon begin developing an alternative app marketplace. ‌Epic Games‌ The store will launch on iOS in the EU sometime in 2024 and will enable ‌Epic Games‌ to bring the Fortnite app back to iOS.

Fortnite was removed from the iOS App Store at the start of the Epic Games-Apple feud in 2020 and has since become unavailable. ‌Epic Games‌ it was introduced on iPhone and iPad through Xbox Cloud Gaming and GeForce NOW, but the game was only available through those browser services.

Shortly after Apple announced an alternative app marketplace plan, ‌Epic Games&zwnj ; promised that Fortnite would “return to iOS” in Europe, while ‌Epic Games‌ CEO Tim Sweeney criticized Apple's plan to comply with DMA. He called it “an insidious new example of malicious compliance” and said the company “strongly rejects Apple's attempts to distort this process to undermine competition and continue to tax Apple on transactions in which they are not involved.”

In time spent working on the implementation of ‌Epic Games‌ Store on iOS, Epic also plans to continue “to prove to the courts and regulators that Apple is breaking the law.”


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