Chrome for Mac now comes with generative AI feature “Help Me Write”

Julie Clover

Google today announced the launch of a new feature called Help Me Write, available in the Chrome browser on both Mac and Windows PCs. It is a tool that can help users start writing something or improve what has already been written.

Help me write uses the Gemini model that Google announced back in December. At the time, Google said Gemini was its most feature-rich and versatile model to date, created through a large-scale collaborative effort across Google teams.

According to Google, the Help Me Write feature can be used for everything: from online reviews to support requests and product listings. The artificial intelligence model is able to understand the context of the web page the user is on and suggest relevant content.

For example, a person writing a review of a pair of shoes might see suggestions that include key features from the product page , which support the user's opinion to make the review more valuable. For an online listing of something for sale on eBay or another site, users can write a short review, and the Help Me Write feature will provide a clearer description. The same goes for online support requests.

Writing help is available in Chrome M122 and can be used in US English. This feature can be enabled by logging into Chrome, selecting the Settings option from the three-dot menu, and going to the Experimental AI page. To use it, right-click any open text field in Chrome and select the “Help me write” option.

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