Apple's self-repair program now includes M3 MacBook Pro and iMac.

Apple today expanded its self-service program to include the latest Mac models: the M3 MacBook Pro and M3 iMac, introduced in October . 2023. This will allow customers to order Apple-certified parts and repair those machines themselves, without having to go to an Apple Store or other repair shop.

Next month, Apple will also release the Apple Diagnostics app. support so that users can evaluate the performance of their computers, and updating the system configuration will mean that users will be able to perform Mac repairs entirely on their own, without having to contact self-service support for final steps.

Updates to self-service, Apple diagnostic availability, and system configuration mean people have the same access to Apple device repairs as Apple Authorized Service Providers.

The Self Service Program repair brings Apple into compliance with the latest global Right to Repair legislation, which requires manufacturers to provide independent parties with the same access to parts and tools as the Apple Store does.

However, critics of the program argue that Apple still has too much control over the process. For parts to work, they must be ordered from at Apple prices and registered in Apple's configuration systems. Aftermarket parts are not supported, and Apple devices often do not work with aftermarket parts installed due to part combination rules.

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