Apple will launch new AI coding and testing features in Xcode this year: report

Rumor has it that Apple is working on major new artificial intelligence features coming later this year. A new report from Bloomberg today says Apple is “close to finishing” the project. An update to the Xcode development platform that will use artificial intelligence to optimize coding and testing for developers.

The report says that Apple's new Xcode system will work similar to Microsoft's GitHub Copilot platform. It will reportedly “use artificial intelligence to predict and complete blocks of code.” in order to simplify the work required for software development. Bloomberg also reports that Apple is exploring the use of artificial intelligence to “create code for testing applications.”

Apple's goal is to release new artificial intelligence features in Xcode to third-party developers this year. Right now, the company is “pushing some engineers to try out these new AI features internally”; as it strives to achieve its startup goals.

The new system will work similarly to Microsoft's GitHub Copilot and use artificial intelligence to predict and complete blocks of code, said the people, who asked not to disclose details. identified because the plans are private. This simplifies the programming process for software development, potentially saving time and money.

Apple is also exploring the use of AI to generate code for testing applications, an often tedious process. Apple is now encouraging some engineers to try out these new AI features internally as part of a “test run”—where the company uses its own products—to make sure they work correctly before releasing them to third-party developers.

During Apple's conference call earlier this month, Apple CEO Tim Cook promised that the company would share more details about its work in artificial intelligence this year.

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