Apple suppliers donate to sustainable forest restoration and other carbon removal projects

By Julie Clover

Apple today announced that suppliers Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) and Japan's Murata Manufacturing are investing in its Restore Fund, a program aimed at increasing investment in high-quality, naturally occurring carbon removal and critical important ecosystems. .

TSMC will invest up to $50 million, and Murata will invest up to $30 million, at money managed by Climate Asset Management. Apple established the Restoration Fund in 2021 with a donation of US$200 million, and expanded it with an additional US$200 million in 2023.

Apple will use part of the money to support the creation of sustainably certified working forests on degraded grasslands and agricultural lands of South America. The project aims to meet growing global demand for wood while reducing pressure on natural forests.

Two of the partners Apple is working with on the forests planted eucalyptus, an ideal tree for sustainable forests because of its rapid growth. growth rate, the ability to restore degraded land, and lower water consumption than other tree species.

A third Apple partner is creating sustainable forests from tropical hardwoods native to Brazil's Atlantic Forest, with some of the land also going in favor of the restoration of tree species on the verge of extinction. The restoration fund will be used for other projects aimed at preserving and restoring ecosystems, the selection of which is ongoing. Apple has set a goal of removing 1 million tons of carbon dioxide from the air by 2025 and aims to exceed this figure.

Apple wants to become carbon neutral across its entire supply chain by 2030. More than 300 suppliers have signed up for the Supplier Clean Energy program, which commits them to using 100 percent renewable energy for all Apple products by the end of the decade. Apple has also asked its partners to decarbonize their Apple-related operations.

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