Apple responds to criticism by saying it fully complies with DMA

Apple introduced a number of new features in iOS 17.4 this month as part of its efforts to comply with the Digital Markets Act. weight. These efforts include alternative app markets, new business conditions for developers, and support for third-party browser engines.

Apple's plans have been criticized by companies such as Meta, Epic and Spotify. However, at Monday's hearing, Apple justified its changes and explained why it believes it complies with the DMA.

As reported by Reuters, Apple lawyer Kyle Andir laid out the case during an EU hearing on Monday:

“We were guided primarily by the fact that we were complying with the law. And secondly, we did it in accordance with our values ​​and the language that we developed together with our users over a very long period of time. And we think we succeeded.”

Andir continued by saying that Apple has focused on change primarily from the user's point of view, rather than from the developer's point of view.

“And I think we're focused on that from a user perspective. That's not to say we're not focused on developer impact, but I think from our perspective, first and foremost, we're going to be very careful about tracking the impact of all these different changes to the user experience that we've been delivering for 15-16 years to our customers via iPhone?

Apple announced its DMA compliance plans in January before releasing most of the changes as part of iOS 17.4 earlier this month. However, since the January announcement, the company has made several changes to its plans:

  • Apple is revising its App Store rules in the EU in response to developer feedback.
  • Apple will allow users to download apps directly from the developer's website, in accordance with the latest changes to App Store rules in the EU.

Whether the European Commission will be satisfied with Apple's statements remains to be seen. The EU will seek and take into account feedback from developers of all sizes before making a decision.

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