Apple provides new insights to developers through App Store Connect

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Following the release of iOS 17.4, Apple on Tuesday made new insights available to developers via App Store Connect. The company says the new data will help developers gain even more insight into the performance of their apps available in the App Store, which will also help them improve their business model.

App Store Connect now gives developers even more analytics

According to the company, developers now have access to more than 50 new reports using the App Store Connect API. These reports include “hundreds of new indicators”; which allow developers to evaluate the performance of their applications and find opportunities for improvement.

The reports are grouped into the following categories:

  • App Store Engagement – the number of users in the App Store interacting with the developer's app or sharing it with others.
  • App Store Commerce – downloads, sales, pre-orders and transactions made through the secure in-app purchasing system of the App Store.
  • Usage of the application – active devices, installations, deletions of applications, etc.
  • Use of the Framework – How your app interacts with OS features such as PhotoPicker and widgets.
  • Performance – How your apps perform and how users interact with specific features

Also, Apple also introduces new reports for CloudKit with push notification and file provider data. Developers will be able to check the status of notifications as they pass through Apple's servers, as well as the use and consistency of interactions with the File Provider API.

For more information, visit the Apple Developer page. website.

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