Apple launches eight-month project to improve Apple Maps data in UK

Apple is set to launch a major update to Apple Maps in the UK. The company told iMore about its plans on Tuesday, saying it was launching an eight-month project in the UK to collect new data and imagery to improve Apple Maps in the country.

You can see more about Apple's data collection plans for Apple Maps on its website.

The report explains that this project will involve collecting data from Apple cars as well as people wearing Apple backpacks:

Beginning on February 21, UK residents will see Apple cars driving around the country for the next eight months, collecting information as part of the ongoing overhaul of Apple Maps, iMore confirmed on Tuesday. . Apple cars will collect information until October 17, and from May 20 to September 11 you'll also see people wearing Apple backpacks walking the streets of Birmingham, London and Manchester.

The company says data collected by its cars and pedestrians will enable Apple to support UK maps with improved navigation, greater detail and more accurate location information.

»Apple is conducting on-the-ground research with vehicles around the world to gather data to improve Apple Maps and support the Look Around feature. Vehicle inspections may involve equipment installed outside vehicles as well as iPhones, iPads, or other devices inside vehicles,” Apple said in a statement.

Apple first launched its own map data in the UK and Ireland back in 2020, offering more detailed mapping and building shapes, more accurate navigation, and a Google Street View-style Look Around you in select cities.

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