Apple is buying artificial intelligence services from Chinese tech giant Baidu, reports say

Chinese media are reporting that Apple is buying artificial intelligence services from local tech giant Baidu. The WSJ previously reported that the iPhone maker was in talks with the company about using its artificial intelligence in iOS 18.

Baudi operates a ChatGPT-style LLM known as ERNIE Bot, which claims to “understand human intentions and give accurate, logical and fluent answers that approach human level” …

Apple& #8217;Promoting generative AI this year

There's now compelling evidence that Apple is making a major push into generative AI services with this year's iOS and macOS updates.

It all started last October, when Bloomberg said the company was working hard to catch up features like ChatGPT, and later said Apple called iOS 18 “ambitious and compelling.” ; By January, it was reported that the new operating system would be seen as the largest in the company's history.

The Financial Times agreed, notably stating that Siri would gain ChatGPT-level capabilities, and Apple CEO Tim Cook himself hinted that the company “will share details of our ongoing work in this area later this year.

Apple buys artificial intelligence services from Baidu

WSJ and Dow Jones report shares Baidu's value rose more than 5% today after Chinese media outlet Cailian Press reported that Baidu is set to become Apple's local generative AI model.

Baidu shares rose 5.4% on Monday morning after Chinese media reported the collaboration, citing people familiar with the matter […]

According to a Chinese report Cailian Press media, people said Baidu will become a local supplier of Apple's generative artificial intelligence models for the iPhone 16, Mac computer operating system and the upcoming iOS 18 mobile operating system.

The report is unconfirmed, but plausible

Neither Apple nor Baidu provided comment, but the report seems plausible.

One of the Problems Generative artificial intelligence is that models need to be trained in different languages, and, of course, by region, if not by country. Apple will need the Chinese model, and it will also need to be approved for use by the government.

Chinese regulators must approve generative AI models before they can be released to the public . Baidu's Ernie Bot is one of more than 40 models that have already been approved.

Analysts also see Baidu as a leading player in the field of generative artificial intelligence in the country, and exceeding expectations.

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