Apple begins improving Vision Pro Personas in VisionOS 1.1 beta

by Joe Rossignol

Apple today released the first beta of VisionOS 1.1 to Vision Pro developers, and this update improves the look and feel of Personas.

visionOS 1.1 will prompt you to recreate your image via Dylan McDonald
After installing VisionOS 1.1, Vision Pro users will immediately be prompted to recreate your image to receive the “latest appearance updates” included in the update. Some users shared screenshots of their updated Personas in social media posts today, and the new versions overall appear more detailed and realistic.

Apple is still labeling Personas as a “beta feature” in VisionOS 1.1 and hopefully , they will improve over time.

Quinn Nelson's updated Persona (top) and the original Persona (bottom)
As a refresher, Apple says Persona is a “true spatial representation.” “person that shows facial expressions and hand movements in real time. Personas replace you during video calls on Vision Pro as the headset obscures your real face. When you set up Persona, your eyes are also captured for the EyeSight feature, which allows others to see an image of your eye on the Vision Pro's external display.

In last week's support document, Apple provided tips for creating the perfect look.

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